Pillow Talk

If you read my last post, you know that I mentioned I furnished and decorated my house pretty fast after moving in. So fast that I had purchased select furniture pieces ahead of time (thanks Mom).

May 2015, I happened to be browsing through my Facebook news feed when I saw an adorable chair and ottoman for sale on the local “yard sale” Facebook page. I loved it, but I didn’t inquire. I knew it would be a quick to sell item. About a week later, it appeared on my news feed again, and had zero inquiries. NONE! I was out of town, but I took a screen shot and sent it to my mom. I ended up being the new owner of the chair and ottoman!

I know what you’re thinking, “why would anyone want to sell that!?” The previous owner was unsure of how to decorate with these, so she decided to sell them and start over. I, however, accepted the challenge.

I have a writing desk in my living room, and when I first got it, I also needed a chair. I had the vision of an upholstered dining chair at my desk. I searched for a while to find a chair that would match with everything. During my search, my mom came across an upholstered dining chair from The World Market’s website that was the same print as my chair and ottoman set! I didn’t purchase it because it was a little out of my price range, but it was beneficial to find because I now knew the name of the print. “Santa Maria Desert Flower” made by Waverly.

I Google searched the name of the print and found links to purchase fabric. I immediately started thinking of what I could do, and the first thing that came to mind was “pillows!” I put it in the back of mind, but planned on eventually ordering some fabric. About a month and a half after moving in, my mom and older sister came to visit. We paid a visit to Hobby Lobby, and what do you know? Hobby Lobby sells Santa Maria Desert Flower fabric!

My grandma is the #1 sewer, so the next time I went back home, I visited my grandma and she assisted me (basically did it all) in making pillows. Target actually had pillows in the same fabric available for purchase online, but  I just couldn’t pay $50 for one pillow. My grandma and I went to Hobby Lobby, and I purchased one yard of the fabric and the thread. I bought the pillow inserts from Wal-Mart.

Based on my research and calculations, I could make two pillows with one yard, but my Grandma worked her super sewing skills, and we actually made THREE pillows, AND we did not have any waste! So, $40 and a few hours later, I had three beautifully sewn throw pillows. I put two pillows on the couch, and one on my desk chair.

We discussed the best way to make the pillows. We debated sewing them shut, adding a zipper, or making them like a pillow sham cover. We chose to make them like a pillow sham. This was a good decision because it will allow me to have them cleaned easily. I can slide the pillow inserts in and out, without any issues.

It was not planned that the print would line up perfectly!

These pillows were the perfect final touches to bring everything together! I am really happy with the look of our living room. I have always loved the bright and fun colors, and I think our living room is equal parts bright and neutral. Very “me”!


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