Pumpkins & Mums

The patient people who waited until September 22nd to decorate for fall probably spent their free time yesterday showing off their decorations. Handmade or store bought. My house is a nice mixture of both. I haven’t put everything out quite yet, but I’m working on it!

Yesterday and this morning I worked on a quick project. Planting mums! Mums are a perfect fall flower. I’m sure you’ve all seen the article that went around Facebook of planting mums, or any flowers, into plastic pumpkin candy buckets. That’s what I did!

I really loved this project because I hardly spent any money. I purchased my pumpkin buckets from Target, priced at $1 each. However, I have the Target Red Card which saves me 5% on every purchase. So I actually got two pumpkin buckets for $1.90.

To jazz up the pumpkins a little bit, I painted them with Valspar Metallic spray paint. Maybe I had a defective can, or maybe it’s just not great, but I probably won’t get this brand again, since I’m still scrubbing spray paint off of my hands.


So, I placed the pumpkins upside down and sprayed the bottom. Once that dried, I turned them right side up and finished covering the orange surface with this gold/bronze color. I also cut off the handles from the pumpkins.


The local grocery store by my house is AMAZING. Lowes Foods. If you’ve ever been to one, you know why it’s so loved. They got in fresh shipments of mums, and they priced them at 2 for $12. They also had “damaged mums” for $2 each! The damaged mums just had some dead ends, or were growing a little crooked. Nothing I couldn’t fix. I got a yellow and an orange.

I planted the mums inside the pumpkin buckets and put them right outside on my sidewalk.

If you’ve been keeping track, $1.90 for pumpkins, $4 for mums, and $5.99 for spray paint. This was a $12 project and incredibly easy. Try it out for yourself and let me know how it goes!


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