Third Time’s the Charm

There’s just something about doing a project yourself that is exciting! In the beginning of the year, I was looking for a serving tray to put on the top of my ottoman, since I don’t have a coffee table. I never really found anything I liked, or that matched my decor. I saw some ideas on Pinterest for a serving tray, so I used that inspiration to come up with my own.

Once I came up with a plan, I went to Lowes to get everything I would need. My tray is 18 inches long, and 10.5 inches wide. When I was in the wood board aisle, I did some calculations. The sign told me the wood is 4 inches wide, so if I was putting three together, I would need end pieces at 12 inches long….wrong. This is when I learned that Lowes measurements on the signs are not accurate. They are rounded up. What I thought was a 4 inch wide piece of wood, the actual size was 3.5 inches! Unfortunately, I didn’t know this until AFTER I got home with what I thought was the perfect sizing. I didn’t have a saw at this time, so I had to go back to the store and start over, because my end pieces were too long for the tray.

So, after the second trip to Lowes, I assembled the tray. I used 1.5 inch screws to connect the end pieces to the base of the tray. The end pieces are on top, and I screwed in through the bottom. One screw through each end of each piece of wood.


After it was assembled, I stained it. For this, I used Minwax Jaccobean. After the stain soaked in and dried, I painted on the letter C. Since I don’t have a Cameo or Cricut machine, I printed a C from my computer, traced it, and painted.

The last step of this serving tray was to add the handles. I purchased the handles during my first trip to Lowes. They were really cute and I loved them, but….they weren’t the right kind! The handles I originally bought were the type that had to be screwed in from behind, which wasn’t going to work. I needed handles that screwed in from the top! Off to Lowes I went! Again! I returned the handles, and bought new ones.

Three trips later, and a lot of lessons learned, I had a beautiful serving tray!


This is a perfect and convenient spot for drinks and remotes!

Since then, I have also made another tray to give as a bridal shower gift, and I paired it with two stackable mugs with the bride and groom’s first initals on them.


This is a super simple DIY project, and stylish! Can’t wait to see what you create!



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