Double the Craft, Double the Fun

Well, it’s official…I made my first Winter decoration. Yes, I know Fall just started, but this is for both Fall and Winter! When I was back home in Maryland a couple of weeks ago, my mom and I went shopping. Of course, that means going to A.C Moore, Michael’s, Target, and Lowes. When we walked inside A.C Moore, from the front of the store we could see these wooden Christmas trees all the way in the back of the store. Let me just say- I love the selection of wooden items available for purchase at A.C Moore!

So, we made our way through the store, piling up things in our shopping cart, and then we got to the wooden section. Not only did they have a wooden Christmas tree, they also had a  wooden snowman. I saw a snowman, my Mom and the tag on the wooden shape saw pumpkins! So, what better decision than to make a double-sided decoration! The best part? Only $5 for it!

The Christmas tree shape and the snowman/pumpkin shape both have holes all around it for lights. The only problem is that the lights can only go in one direction. I chose to let my lights be apart of the snowman side. To make up for the lack of lights on the pumpkins, I used glitter spray paint.

Before I left my Mom’s house, we used her Silhouette Cameo to make the faces for our double-sided decorations. We cut three faces for the pumpkins, and the face & buttons for the snowman, out of colored vinyl. Once I got back to my house in NC, I went shopping for the paints. I started at Lowes, because of their wide variety of spray paint, and it costs less than buying spray paint at a craft store. Unfortunately, Lowes didn’t have orange glitter spray paint, which is what I wanted for my pumpkins. I went to Michael’s, but luckily there were some great coupons on the app, available for me to use.

So, the first step is to paint. Before using the glitter spray paint, I sprayed a plain orange. The can of orange glitter paint wasn’t very big, so I wanted to make sure I had enough coverage. Once the plain orange dried, I went over top with the orange glitter spray paint. On the opposite side, I just used plain white spray paint.

I knew I would be taking a risk of the pumpkin faces not sticking, because of the glittered texutre…and I was right. The vinyl faces stuck on at first, but by the next day, they were falling off because they couldn’t adhere to the rough texture. So I ended up tracing the faces and painting them. I think it looks pretty much the same!

The picture on the left shows the vinyl, the picture on the right is paint. I did manage to get most of the lights to sit in the holes long enough for a picture, but the pumpkin side will be “light-less”.

When we flip the sign around, we have a snowman. The snowman’s face and buttons are vinyl. Don’t mind the clutter in the picture on the left. I have tool bags and craft supplies everywhere lately!

I got the lights from Wal-Mart in the Christmas section. There are 35 holes, and A.C Moore did sell boxes of 35 lights, specifically made to go with it, but I didn’t buy those. Instead, I just used two strands of 20 lights.

Next time I’m out shopping, I am going to try to find a small top hat for my snowman, just to give him something extra. Maybe a scarf, too!

Pretty easy, right? If you have an A.C Moore nearby, go get the wooden shapes! You can’t beat it for only $5!


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