I’m Dreaming of a Rose Gold Christmas

Christmas will be here before we know it! You probably read that sentence and thought, “please do not say that”, but it’s true. I even started planning Christmas presents, and I may have already started shopping. Also, I’ve heard a couple of people say they have already heard Christmas music playing on the radio, so….we better prepare!

This project took me all of 20 minutes, at most. A Christmas shadow box. I knew I wanted to make a decoration like this, but I did not know which direction I wanted to go in. Fun and colorful, sparkly and shiny, red and green…and then it came to me. It all started when I was browsing through Hobby Lobby. I went to the scrapbooking paper aisle, and there it was…ROSE GOLD GLITTER PAPER. There was no doubt about it..this paper was going into my shopping cart.

I am obsessed with rose gold, but how can you not be? I love it so much, even my wedding rings are rose gold.

(and Kaypea Photography is amazing)

So, the rose gold glitter paper was the start to my Christmas shadow box, and it just got better from there. I found a small assortment of “Merry Minis” in gold, rose gold, silver, and white at Michael’s, and of course that would be the filler in my shadow box.

I bought a 6×6 white shadow box picture frame from Michael’s, and of course I used a 50% off one item coupon. I also got small snow-covered pine cones in a variety of sizes.


The first thing I did was cut my paper down to 6×6, so it would fit as the background of the shadow box. The original paper size was 12×12, so I could make three more shadow boxes, if I wanted! 14813186_10153999286049562_1885300169_o

Next, I placed the mini ornaments and the pinecones into the shadow box. I started to strategically place them, but I realized there was no perfect way, and just let them go as they wanted to. Random is often best under certain circumstances.


The next step was to apply vinyl to the glass! Easy peasy, and of course I love to use my Silhouette Cameo 3. Instead of creating my own design, I bought a pre-made design from the Silhouette Design Store. There are so many cute options, so this will not be the only Christmas decoration I make…obviously.

I entered the dimensions of the space, so I could properly size my design, and then I sent it to the Silhouette to be cut.


After the Silhouette finished cutting, I applied the transfer paper and applied the vinyl to the glass.

So cute!!! So simple!


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