DIY With Devan- String Art Party

Life has been full of Designs by Devan String Art lately! Good news- almost finished with the LuLaRoe custom orders! Everyone has been so patient and grateful for their custom pieces. If they think they are lucky, then I am even luckier, because I now have a LOT of LuLaRoe Consultants to order fun patterns (or solids- thanks Kaytlin) from.

A few months ago, I came up with the idea of having String Art parties. Similar to someone hosting a Scentsy party, the host or hostess would invite their friends, and I would teach everyone how to make a string art.

As usual, my family and best friend were supportive and thought it was an awesome idea. Heather- the best friend- was happy and excited to host a party with me! As soon as we knew when I would be back in Maryland, we planned the event.

Heather’s party was the first party ever, and it was AWESOME! It could have been the second, but after the first hostess requested to have a party, she cancelled. There is a positive side to everything, and I was able to use the flyer I had created for her party as a template for future parties.


So, yesterday was the big day! For it being the first, it went very smoothly in my opinion. We had a final head count of 18 guests, and 16 of them arrived. A full house! The guests were going to do it all, from beginning to end. Everyone had a 10×10 (9 1/4 x 9 1/4) piece of wood. Prior to the event, I sanded every piece of wood.

Before everyone arrived, I set up each person’s place setting. Wood, gloves to protect the hands from stain, and a pack of wire brads.  I set up the staining station with a table-cloth and staining cloths.

The first step was for everyone to stain their wood. I offered four different options for stain. Coral, Vintage Aqua, Worn Navy, and Dark Walnut. After everyone finished staining their wood, we took them outside and I sprayed a sealer on them. Once the sealer dried, we were ready to continue.

Heather is an excellent hostess, so she had light refreshments for everyone to enjoy while they waited. After snacks, I handed out the stencils. Everyone selected their design ahead of time. There were four different options for a design.

Once everyone placed their stencils, they started hammering the nails. As you can imagine, this part was loud!

After the hammering was finished, everyone picked out whatever color string(s) they wanted to use, and started stringing.

Everyone really did an awesome job!! Of course, I helped as needed. Here are some of the finished products.

My mom left before I could take her picture! She made a snowflake with sparkly silver string.

I really hope everyone had a great time! I enjoyed sharing my knowledge and creativity with everyone, and I was really impressed by everyone’s pieces and their own creativity! Hopefully there will be many more DIY with Devan String Art Parties in the future!


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