O’ Christmas Tree, O’ Christmas Tree

Who else thinks the best time to make something, or think of a new project, is when you have hundreds of other things you should be doing? Yep, that’s me! While I do think it’s too early to be decorating for Christmas, it’s never too early to be working on decorations. Every time I finish a Christmas craft, I take it upstairs to our guest bedroom and put it away. It’s still Fall, and there is still Thanksgiving to celebrate before bringing out the Christmas decorations! Poor Thanksgiving…those premature Christmas decorators never give you a chance.

Last week, I had the idea to make a Christmas Tree just like the pumpkins I made. Remember those? 2×4 Pumpkins. Just like the pumpkins, this was very simple. For this, you’ll need 2×4, paint, wood stain, and wood glue.

The first step is to cut the 2×4 down to the appropriate sizes. There is no right or wrong size for this. I started with a 12-inch piece, and decided that would be the bottom layer of my tree. The next piece is 11-inches, and the rest gradually get smaller as the tree gets taller. I cut all of the wood with my miter saw, which is also how I cut the tree top. I practiced my angled cuts, too!


I stained the tree trunk with Dark Walnut, by Minwax, and kept this part separate until the very end. I started to glue together all of the tree. My work table with the built-in clamps was extremely helpful for this!

It’s not pictured, but I ended up using the second clamp across the top, just for a stronger hold. Once the glue dried, I glued on the tree top. Now I can paint! I used Rustoleum Spray Paint for the tree.

The final step is to add the tree trunk, or stem!


My poor rug is always dirty, and collects the saw dust.

Tada! So easy! I may even make more, so stay tuned!


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