Be Joyful

The holidays are a little strange this year, with different plans than usual, but the one thing that stays the same- decorating. I won’t be at our house here in NC for Christmas Day, but I still have to decorate…obviously!

This project is a compilation of something I saw online, and something I came up with on my own. When Target started to bring out their holiday items in the Dollar Spot, I found this adorable Greenery Garland.


The first thing I thought when I saw this hanging on the shelf was of Ana White’s large “Joy” sign with the O being a green wreath. So.. I bought it. Of course. How could I not? I don’t exactly have the space for a large sign like hers, but I could certainly find space for a smaller version!

Most of the time I have some kind of wood on hand, and I’ve actually had the wood cut for this project for a few weeks, but I just haven’t had the time to actually make it. Until today. Yay!

The first step is to cut the wood. I didn’t plan on what size I would make it, I just made a cut into the wood for something else, and what was left ended up being a nice size for me to use. This is 10 x 14.5. After cutting and sanding, I stained the wood in Dark Walnut. I wanted my sign to be white, but I wanted to have stained letters, so I stained first.

After my stain dried over night, I applied the letters. I used my Silhouette Cameo 3 to cut the letters. I used Oracal 631 and stuck them onto the sign. I made sure they were stuck on pretty well, and then I painted over the entire sign with Chalked by Rustoleum. The color is Linen White, which you can find at most Home Depots. I also cut off some of the greenery garland to make a miniature wreath.


I placed everything where I wanted it to go, and then I started to paint. I only applied two coats of paint, which provided a full coverage. Ignore my dirty towel! I’ve used it for many projects.

After the paint was just about dry, it was time to peel off the vinyl letters. The J was PERFECT with really crisp lines. The Y…not so much. Nothing an X-Acto knife couldn’t fix. 15224830_10154075461339562_608217507_o-2

I was debating distressing a little, but I decided against it. I left it clean and plain. I needed to attach the mini wreath, so I tied a little piece of string to the back of the wreath, and hooked it onto a small nail that I hammered into the sign.

When I first planned my project, I knew I wanted to frame it, so I cut the 1×2 to size, and stained it in Dark Walnut to match the lettering. I didn’t use any nails for this frame, I only used wood glue and clamps.


Once the glue dried, I removed the clamps, and added the other two pieces. Once those dried, my sign was complete!


Pretty cute, if I do say so myself! I’m not sure if I’ll hang it up, or put it on the table top like in the picture, but wherever it goes will be great!

This project brought me a lot of joy, so try it for yourself and share it with me!


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