Glittery Goodness

Happy 1st Day of December! Christmas is so close, we can probably all feel it. Christmas will be extra exciting for me this year, and I have the next 22 days to enjoy my pretty rose gold decorated tree, and the rest of my decorations! As usual, my decorations are a mix of DIY and store-bought.

If you can remember, my first Christmas DIY project was the lighted snowman, followed by the rose gold shadow box. Today is also a rose gold color scheme…are you shocked?

I’m sure we all are familiar with the glass or plastic clear ornaments at craft stores, Wal-Mart, even Dollar Tree. They come in shapes of a bulb, disc, ball, and even some funky ornament shapes. Well, a few weeks ago I was in Michaels and found these adorable little “string light” shaped light bulb ornaments. I bought them, with just the plans of using them on my Christmas Tree, but then my friends came up with the idea of making them into garland. I went back to Michaels to get more, to have enough to do this, and I found even cuter ones! These are the same size, but instead of being round, they are shaped as Christmas light bulbs.


On Thanksgiving night, I went to Michaels for their big 6 PM to Midnight Sale, with my friend Emily, and bought a couple more packages. Can you tell I’ve been to Michaels entirely too much lately? 50% off and extra percentages off with coupons? Can’t pass that by!

The first thing you need to do is coat the inside of the ornament with Polycrylic. There are many different options for the inside, but I happened to use Polycrylic. I have also used Pinesol, and both have worked great.


After you pour in the Polycrylic, and the inside is coated, you will dump out the remainder. Next, you pour in glitter. I used extra fine glitter. Again, you want to cover every space with glitter, and then dump the excess.


Make as many as you’d like! Once they had time to dry, I put the lids back on each ornament. I started the stringing next. I knew I had some string (string is not the word I’m looking for here…) on hand from last Christmas, so I used that. I spaced them out as I saw fit, one by one.

I ended up using seven of the glittered ornaments to create this garland/string “lights”. I hung them on the wall art that hangs above our TV.

Really simple and cute!

I have also made a couple of other decorations, and I will share the pictures with you.

The reindeer marquee sign is from Michaels on Thanksgiving. The oranment shape is also from Michaels, and I applied vinyl to it. The star is from Target, and I applied the vinyl quote. The Christmas Tree mini pallet is also from Target, and I applied the vinyl words.

You’ve seen the Merry & Bright Shadow box, along with the Snowman. The two wooden trees are from Target.

Share your glittered ornaments, whether they are on string, or on your Christmas Tree!



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