Front Door Decor

The front door looks bare without a seasonal item hanging from it, on display for all to see. Two of my favorite stores helped me create this front door decor – Michaels & Target. We all love the Target Dollar Spot, don’t we? I remember the time when everything was actually just $1, but now it all ranges from $1-$5. That’s okay, though, it is still wonderful.

I had purchased this adorable little sled from the Target Dollar Spot for $5, but wasn’t sure of my plans for it. I asked my mom what she was going to do with hers, because obviously it is too cute for her not to have one also, and she gave me the idea of hanging it in her wreath. I liked her idea, and wanted to do the same.



I didn’t have a wreath, but I knew Michaels was having all kinds of sales. I’ve never really had the urge to want to put a wreath together from scratch, and Michaels had doorbusters of 70% off holiday floral, so I bought a wreath already made. It ended up being only $11, so that was awesome!

I couldn’t just leave the wood of the sled blank, so I added a design. My mom and I had this reindeer in the library of our Silhouette Studio. It was purchased from the Silhouette Design Store. I made it the size I needed before sending it to the Silhouette to cut.


The first thing I did, after weeding the design, was apply my vinyl to the sled. I used the vinyl as a stencil, instead of just using the vinyl itself, because of the gaps between each slat of the sled. Once the vinyl was applied and stuck down well, I painted inside the stencil with red acrylic paint.


I applied 2-3 coats of red paint. Before it completely dried, I pulled off the vinyl. Very crisp lines left me very pleased.


Extremely easy! The last thing to do was hang it up. I hung both with a wreath hanger on the front door, and adjusted the sled to how I wanted it to sit on the wreath.

A quick and easy way to dress up your door!


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