Sea Glass Souvenirs

Almost a month has gone by since I left for Japan and I can’t believe it! My trip was so amazing, and I really hope I can go back some day. The first six days of my stay was spent in Okinawa, and it was BEAUTIFUL.

After all of my travel arrangements and reservations were made, I researched everything and anything to find out what I wanted to do and see while I was there. The most exciting thing I read about was the sea glass.

If you know me, you know how much I love sea glass. I remember the first three pieces of our collection…six years ago when Sean and I started dating, we took a walk along the Chesapeake Bay in the neighborhood his parents live in. Sean picked up three really big pieces of sea glass. Two greens and one brown, and they were warped and had a slight twist to them. I would show a picture, but they now live inside our fill-able lamps on our nightstands. Ever since then, we have always collected it together. It’s so peaceful to look for sea glass while listening to the soothing sounds of nature.

Our hotel in Okinawa was right on Kise Beach. When we looked out of the sliding glass door, leading to our balcony, all you could see was the Nago Bay. So beautiful!!

On our first day together, which was Christmas Day, we walked the beach looking for sea glass, and we found a TON. My mom had made me this adorable “sea glass bag”, and it was so handy!


On the very last day, we found “Sea Glass Beach”. I’m not sure if that’s the actual name, but I read about it on travel blog, and we were able to follow the directions to find it. Sea glass beach was incredible, and I never wanted to leave.

So, let’s get to it..I’m going to show you how I turned our sea glass into cute souvenirs. I love souvenirs, and being able to bring back goodies for friends and family. This one can be done without breaking the bank. Now, you don’t need sea glass. You can do this with any neat little finds from anywhere you go.

I bought cute little jars from A.C Moore, on sale for $1 each, and a whole container of sand from Michael’s with a coupon, for less than $3.


I didn’t want to put too much sand in the bottom, because I didn’t want the sea glass to get lost in it. I strategically placed the sea glass in the jars.


The last step was to add a description on the jars. I typed up what I wanted in the Silhouette Design Studio, and I typed “Sea Glass” into  Google Translate. The font for “Okinawa, Japan” is PN Featheredge Upright.



I cut my design, and applied it to the jars.

And that’s all! Really cute, simple, beautiful, and inexpensive! Now I have to decide what I’m going to do with the rest of our sea glass!


If you’ve ever made something similar, I would love to see!


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